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The Firegamer5 Blog Day 6

Posted by firegamer5 - May 19th, 2022

Another day, Another blog post! Last night was the meeting of my V5 Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle: Necropolis by Night. In this post, I'll outline the characters, a little background, and last night's events.

We are a young Sabbat Pack, second to lowest on the totem pole because of our pack flaw suspect 1 that we picked due to our clan affiliations. Our pack name is The Mystic Temptations (it's corny as hell but it's a vibe).

Our pack Ductus is a Lasombra by the name of Darkheed Ebonvoid. He runs a small antique shop on the south side of Necropolis where each and every item has a pedigree dating back to the original owner. The Lasombra have recently been welcomed back into the Sabbat with open arms by the one Cardinal Maxwell. He came to collect the strongest for the Gahenna War in the Middle East which has now spilled into Ukraine. Darkheed was the first to answer the Cardinal's Call. Darkheed is on a mission to bring as many Lasombra back to the Sabbat as possible, he's currently converted one. This is more difficult because of our Ventrue Bishop.

Then we have the slippery mystical git, Vince Clortho of Clan Ravnos. This alcoholic has a knack for public feeding while distracting kine with his illusions. His main goal is to set up an expansive network of havens so he'll never be without a place to rest. He recently bested a Gangrel in monomancy and got to learn his clan secret of protean for it!

Then we have MC J-Rock, the Brujah rap artist. He is known in Necropolis amongst the youth for being the biggest up-and-coming musical act! He is decked out in Vampiric tattoos and knows how to put on a helluva show. His latest single is the wildly popular "Garlic on my Balls". He's made some enemies after leaving the Camarilla and joining the Sabbat, that's why he has a growing collection of Camarilla fangs!

Last but certainly not least is my character. The mystical man of Mystery, Larten Bordeaux of clan Tremere. He was sired by one who was getting sent to the Gahenna war by the Cardinal, so I am a secret from my Sire's antitribu rivals back in Louisiana. He often studies his blood magic book she left him or is putting on a grand show! He is the owner and star of a traveling carnival/freak show! (big inspiration from the Darren Shan Cirque du Freak novels) With all of the Tzimesce in the Sabbat, he is a very unwelcome face at most Sect gatherings. Like all Tremere though, he is becoming a master of manipulation, magic, and vampiric might!

Last night's adventure saw the Mystic temptations called to the Club Darqness, the Sabbat gathering place. We were given our share of the coin used to hire the Black Hand. We were given significantly less than the other Packs due to our never-ending unpopularity. We were told we could earn more by bringing the Templar Camarilla Fangs. We used the only pack lower on the totem pole than us to do this. They are a converted Gangrel and Lasombra that we liberated in the earlier nights. They have us raid a Camarilla Elysium, knowing this particular one will be slow. We enter under the guise of an MC-JRock performance and surprisingly get in. Once inside we split up to do our own thing before the party starts. Larten mingles with a Camarilla tremere, Darkheed heckles the service ghouls about getting some blood, JRock beats and drains a Ghoul in the bathroom, While Miles and Cletus (the ex camarilla) try not to be spotted. Eventually, Larten begins hungering the enemy vampires with his magic then we strike! Some flee due to a masquerade violation and we manage to take 4 sets of fangs earning us 4 coins!

I will be doing similar posts for my other game once it starts up. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this peek into the World of Darkness!



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